“Amber Dreams – Handpicked Ethiopian Welo Opal Specimen for Collectors and Creators”

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Stunning Ethiopian Welo Opal – Bring Home a Piece of Natural Beauty!

Primary Color: Amber

Secondary Colors: Lavender, Blue

Condition: Specimen Grade Stone

Stone Description:

This exquisite piece of Ethiopian Welo Opal is a true standout amongst other crystals and stones. It has a gorgeous primary color of amber, with subtle secondary hues of lavender and blue that add depth and dimension to the piece. This particular Opal is a specimen and is in excellent condition, making it perfect for collectors or for incorporating into your own unique creations.

The exceptional clarity of this Opal is almost transparent, with minimal matrix on the back. It contains dendrites which are branch-like patterns, some fanning out like a leaf. There is even a rainbow trapped inside! Please note that while we make every effort to accurately depict the colors in our photographs, differences in monitor and camera settings may result in slight variations in coloration.

It is important to remember that crystals and stones are natural products, and as such, may have flaws and variations that make them unique and special. These variations, including natural cracks and caves, only add to the beauty of the piece and showcase the wonder of Mother Earth’s creations.

While everyone may resonate differently with crystal healing and energy, these Opals are sure to captivate and enchant any viewer. Please note that they are not intended to replace medical care or needs.

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